Are your stretch marks getting the better of you? Then it’s time you turned to Icon laser treatments!

Stretch marks occur when the skin is strained, generally due to weight gain such as during pregnancy. Unlike creams or lotions that promise your stretch marks will disappear, the Icon laser system works to revitalise the skin inside out where stretch marks are present.

Tiny laser light beams penetrate deep below the surface of the skin to encourage new skin cell production. Over time, your stretch marks will naturally fill and fade away without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. Icon laser treatments can safely remove stretch marks anywhere on your body and it is suitable for most skin types.


Icon laser treatments take only 30 minutes, so you can come in during your lunch break and be back at work without experiencing any downtime.

Depending on your skin type, we will recommend how many sessions you require to achieve the best results, but generally 3 to 5 is all you will need. The procedure is safe and painless, however if you do feel any discomfort, we can apply a cooling anesthetic during your treatment.

After each session you may experience some slight redness or swelling, which usually only lasts 1-24 hours.

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