Embarrassed by Indelible Skin Art? Laser Tattoo Removal in Perth is the Solution

Tattoos are meant to be forever but unfortunately the sentiments that make us get them aren’t always permanent. If you have regrets about a tattoo because your relationship status has changed, it’s holding you back from finding a better job, or the tattoo artist turned out not to be Picasso, laser tattoo removal in Perth is the answer.

At The Esthetic Studio, we use PicoSure laser technology to help get rid of your unwanted tattoos. PicoSure is the latest technology for laser tattoo removal and works better and faster than any other treatment to date. It is the only picosecond laser that is approved specifically for the removal of tattoos. PicoSure works by shooting rapid pulses of light energy into the skin. The light targets the ink particles without disturbing the surrounding tissue. PicoSure is the most versatile form of laser tattoo removal in Perth because it works effectively on multi-coloured tattoos, hard-to-remove black ink and previously stubborn treated tattoos.

Are you afraid that removing your tattoo with PicoSure laser treatment will hurt? Don’t worry, the level of pain you feel will be similar to when you got your tattoo and if you are sensitive, there are ways we can recommend helping you to feel at ease. The cost and number of treatments you need will depend on the type of ink and the area the tattoo covers, but there will be a noticeable result even after the first treatment. We recommend six to eight weeks between treatments to give your skin time to fully recover.

To find out more about laser tattoo removal in Perth, contact The Esthetic Studio, or phone us on (08) 6424 9111 for a confidential appointment.