The Esthetic Studio for a Dermaceutic Milk, Mask, or Chemical Peel in Perth

Do you dream of a smooth, flawless complexion? Believe it or not, there’s one lying just under the surface of your skin – and doctors have discovered that a classic treatment is the easiest way to achieve it. Popular in the 1990s, the chemical peel has made a comeback. The revival has happened in response to more widespread information about their benefits as well as new products and techniques that have made the procedure even more effective. Chemical peels deliver a host of benefits including smoother, younger-looking skin and acne and melasma treatment. The results are often even better than those seen with high-tech devices. These peels cast off dull surface skin cells and minimise fine lines, acne scars, discolouration, and more. Furthermore, they work on all skin types and colours. Here are some of the reasons to consider a chemical peel in Perth.

They can make your skin (and your skincare products) function better

In just a few minutes, the acids used in peels remove dead skin cells and trigger a beneficial reaction. When the outmost layer is shed, the living cells below receive the signal to multiply and to increase production of collagen hyaluronic acid – basically, to act younger. You’ll see noticeably smoother, more radiant skin that will also be more receptive to products. Without dead cells to hinder the penetration of your skincare products, they’ll work better, and your skin will continue to look its best.

They’re low-risk and customisable

Chemical peels come in lots of different varieties to suit every skin colour with no risk of hyperpigmentation. There are many premixed cocktails for your aesthetician to choose from; some even create their concoctions to address specific issues such as stubborn brown spots or very sensitive skin.

They can put an end to acne and minimise any scars left behind

Chemical peels sink deep into your skin to unclog pores while also working on the surface to erase blackheads and fade acne scars. The acids also linger in the pores to keep them clear. Some aestheticians also use other treatments in conjunction with peels to improve even pitted acne scars. Many patients report that their acne not only clears up after their peel but stays clear long-term.

They can improve melasma

If you have melasma, you know how frustrating those recurring dark patches can be. They’re often triggered by hormonal surges (such as pregnancy) or sun exposure. Chemical peels can lighten them and keep them at bay. The problem with laser treatments for melasma is that you’re treating an area that’s sensitive to light and heat with light and heat. Peels can be far safer and more effective for this specific problem.

Where to Get a Chemical or Mask Peel or Dermaceutic Milk Peel in Perth

If you’re wondering whether a chemical peel, milk peel, or Dermaceutic mask peel might be the solution you need, The Esthetic Studio can help. We love helping our clients achieve the results they want – younger-looking, healthier, rejuvenated skin. Contact us today for a personalised consultation and get ready to see your best skin yet.