Ideal for oily and spot-prone skin, the Dermaceutic Clay Mask is a non-surgical procedure that removes impurities and dead skin cells to unclog blocked pores, resulting in a restored matte appearance and tightened pores.

The peel can be used to help treat acne, oily skin, wrinkles, stretch marks and melanoma.


A Dermaceutic facial mask peel treatment lasts around 30 minutes and involves cleaning, application of the peel, and neutralisation. During the treatment you may feel a warm and tingling sensation.

Depending on the intensity of the peel, you may also experience side effects similar to a mild sunburn and slight flaking for about 3 days following the treatment, which can be relieved with Dermaceutic’s range of at-home skincare products.

We recommend repeating this treatment every 2 weeks for up to 4 sessions then every 2-3 months

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