Do you suffer from rosacea or can’t stand the look of your spider veins? Advanced non-invasive laser technology can successfully treat vascular conditions and improve excessive skin redness.

The Icon Laser Aesthetic System is effective in targeting rosacea, vascular lesions, spider veins and reticular veins, without damaging surrounding skin. Intense pulses of laser light is absorbed by the blood and directed to the blood vessels. It destroys the target vessels by rupturing the vessel wall, allowing the blood vessels to naturally disintegrate and restore the skin.


Icon laser vascular treatments are quick and pain free. Each session runs for 30 minutes and you can start to see noticeable improvements after just one procedure.

Our experienced skin specialists will recommend the number of sessions required, based on the size of the vessels, the pigmentation of your skin, your age and gender. In most cases 1 to 3 sessions are necessary spaced every 1 to 2 weeks.

Should you feel any discomfort during your treatment, we can apply a cooling anesthetic to the affected area. You may experience some redness following the procedure, which typically only lasts 1-24 hours..

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