You don’t have to put up with your acne or scars. There is an advanced solution that is non-invasive and can significantly reduce the appearance of acne and surgical scars.

The Icon Aesthetic System is a revolutionary laser treatment that revitalises scar tissues, by encouraging the body to produce new skin cells. The new tissues work to improve your skin’s appearance, including unsightly acne and scars. Laser scar removal is safe for the face and other areas of the body, and it is a suitable for most skin types.


An Icon laser session lasts around 30 minutes and in most cases you will need 3 to 5 sessions to achieve optimal results. Scar removal treatments are virtually pain free, but we can provide a cooling anesthetic should you feel any discomfort at any point during your treatment.

Following your procedure you may experience some temporary redness or swelling, but nothing that will prevent you from returning to your normal everyday activities.

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